Links to some of my favorite sites on various topics…


Lisa Bettany: Mostly Lisa–Photographer, creator of Camera+ iPhone app, one of my many teachers on the Web. Thanks, Lisa!

Catherine Hall: Host of TwitPhoto on the TWiT Network, linked below.

Tips from the Top Floor: German photographer Chris Marquardt  leads photo workshops from San Francisco to Mount Everest and everywhere in between; and thanks to his “PocketChris” iphone app, I take his tips with me everywhere!

This Week In Photography: Your weekly source of photographic inspiration!

Martin Bailey Photography:  Nature photog based in Tokyo whose podcast kind of inspired me to start this project.

JenMcKen Photography: From nearby southwestern PA, great artist and blogger; Go there if you want inspiration, with a dose of fun.

Photography by Paul Witkowski: Shot my wedding.  One of the greats, and among the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Naomi Weber Photography: Another of the local greats and all-around nice person; once trudged through 18 inches of snow to shoot my son at a few weeks old.

Natalie Greenwood Photography and coco.laine Photography: Imaging partners of The Cake Boutique, below.

Other stuff I’m into:

The Cake Boutique: If you’re looking for a cake this is the only place to go.  Best cake anywhere. Owned by my one and only… I blog there occasionally too.

Trilogy “Almost Acoustic” Entertainment: What I do when I’m not working or shooting.

This Week in Tech: Tech guy Leo Laporte’s Internet network, where many of the podcasts that got me started can be discovered.

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